Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Discounts Factory is an independent service provider for deals and offers from various brands around the world. We have affiliations with only those brands or stores or retailers whose Coupons, vouchers, or any kind of deals we do offer through our page to the online shoppers.

The above link is the only authentic link to direct you to our page otherwise if you find someone else claiming to be so, report them to us on an immediate basis.

Our privacy policy (“we”, “us”, or “ours” all are meant to represent Discounts Factory, not the affiliated websites or retailers) is fair to provide our users (visitors, shoppers, and retailers) the optimum results with excellent services. We (Discounts Factory as referred above) are an independent, online service provider and offer you various kinds of offers (it can be anything including coupons, voucher codes, or promo codes) to take advantage of the latest deals available on the internet to shop online.

Our Privacy Policy is implemented on everyone who uses (either approaches directly or through any means of the reference site, link, etc.) for any purpose. It is to make sure that whoever is using or visiting our website must be following the privacy protocols and terms of use throughout the website and is not violating them in any means to affect the use or experience of other users.

Personal Data

What Do We Collect and Store?

Your data can be received by us in two ways, direct or indirect. When you provide us your info directly such as email for contact or query, and when you visit our website, browse through the pages, indirectly your IP address, browser version, these kinds of information is collected and stored by the site to use at the time or later.

Why Do We Need To Store Your Private Info?

Most of the time, it is intended to improvise the user’s experience and the services of the website. We often do analysis (using Google analytics tools) to see if the customers are enjoying their time on the website or do we need to upgrade it with some new service.

Do We Share Your Information?

We only pass on your information when it is necessary for you to avail the service of that store or website you are looking for. Even in that case, we try to secure your personal data by convincing the third party.


Yes, we do transfer cookies to our users’ computers to optimize the performance of our website in specific means or you can say to customize it according to your personal interests and preferences.

Changes In Privacy Policy Here it is to notify all of you that this Privacy Policy can be amended, updated, or replaced anytime when the owner considered it. So, use the website only if you agree to all the current, and keep using if you will be agreed to the revised version. We don’t inform you before the changes but the updated version will be uploaded with the date or implementation above it so, keep checking on the page to stay up-to-date.

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